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Blog Deletion

As some of you may have noticed, I haven’t really been updating.

Right now I just have too much on my plate thanks to the following (but not limited to) things:
• saving up for a car and to move out, so I’m working loads and thinking of getting a second job.
• getting things together for my clothing line.
• as well as BOHEMIA Magazine.
• helping my family out as we’re struggling financially right now.
• etc.

So I will be deleting this blog at the end of this month. I’m sorry, but also thankful to all the followers!

If you want, you can follow my personal: enterbohemia. I post some of the same material as the OBSCURUS blog did, but not solely.

The ISSUU account will remain up, so you can still view the issues that were up on there, and if I can find time, I will upload the first two issues to ISSUU as well.

Once again, thank you all for the support. It means so much to me and I hope some of you will follow me into my next journey!

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Amato by Furne One 2013

Photography - AN LEStyling - AARON BERNSTEINSet Design - DYLAN AUMANHair & Make-up - KATHERINE TAYLORModels - ALEXA JOHNS – MADISUN TAYLOR (Rise Model MGMT) – ANDREW (Rise Model MGMT) – MARSHALL FLEETWOOD (Fusion Model)Clothes - Tamzin Lillywhite
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Andrés Sardá A/W 2013

Celene Bridge Fall 2011 

anja rubik by luigi & daniele + lango for exhibition magazine

Chanel Fall/Winter 2008