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Celene Bridge Fall 2011 

anja rubik by luigi & daniele + lango for exhibition magazine

Chanel Fall/Winter 2008

alina lebedeva


As many of you may have noticed, there has not been a recent issue of OBSCURUS for some time, so it shouldn’t be too shocking off news contained in this post.

After taking a long while of consideration, I have decided to cease the project of OBSCURUS Magazine. There will no longer be issues published, either here on the blog or Issuu, and I’m decided whether or not to keep this blog running as well (I probably will though).

OBSCURUS was honestly an on-the-whim thing but it turned into something so much more when it had my full heart. It ended out with a bang with over 15,000 viewers and readers world-wide, and almost 1k followers on this blog! I loved that I was able to work with and showcase so many great brands, from Sanctus to Black Wednesday! I cherish each and every lovely message and commentary I got in the running as well. After all, the readers make a magazine, even if it was just online!

But alas, OBSCURUS does not have my full heart any more. I have had to prioritize a lot since the December issue, on everything from my own full-the blogging, to deciding what the hell I’m going to do with the rest of my life! At my job I work around 20ish hours, and am Trend and Social Media Specialist there on top of still being an associate. I have my own clothing line in the works, Fawn & Arrow, which I hope to release this Autumn. And I have also started another magazine project that coincides more with my personal style and incorporates my fashion blog as well. OBSCURUS was made to showcase brands that tailored to my “darker” and your darker side of fashion as well, and I’m not saying I no longer swoon at Rick Owens leathers, I’m just saying I would now style them differently than I would have when OBSCURUS first began.

I want to thank everyone, from designers to photographers who submitted their work, and last but not least the readers and followers! You all have been such a joy and great support system, and I hope you will continue to follow and support me in my new endeavors!

Please feel free to follow my personal blog, enterbohemia.tumblr.com, and visit my fashion blog, enter-bohemia.blogspot.com. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea on my personal blog, but I appreciate it still!

I will more than likely continue to update this blog, but issues will no longer be published. You can still submit images though!

Love you all,
Stephanie, Editor-in-Chief

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BaptistePhoto by Charles Buenconsejo